Big Brother housemates react to latest eviction: ‘We need to be careful of Kerry’


The Big Brother housemates have reacted to last night’s third eviction.

It was Hallie who became the latest housemate to leave the Big Brother house in Friday night’s live show.

She had faced the public vote against Dylan and Trish and received the most votes to be evicted from the public.


Kerry and Olivia were particularly upset by the result.

“I had convinced myself it wasn’t going to happen,” Olivia said, admitting she was “gutted” to see Hallie go.

Kerry added: “It’s going to be more boring without her”.

The pair went on to complain about the ‘Vote to Evict’ format which had seen Hallie given the boot.

Later in the Diary Room, Olivia said: “I’m speechless.. that doesn’t happen often. It’s just weird, that’s the first time like an eviction actually it me.

“It’s just going to be so quiet and weird she was my partner in crime… literally. She was my little sister.”

Housemates soon turned their attention to the chants from the live fiction audience

While last week saw very clear ‘Get Kerry Out’ chants this week’s live show saw a much more mixed reaction from the crowd.

Saying he had heard more chants from the audience against Kerry, Jordan said: “We need to be careful of Kerry.”


Chatting with Trish the pair accused Kerry of attaching herself to the big “characters” in the house to protect herself and making “sly comments” about the other housemates.

Meanwhile, Kerry claimed that the chants she heard from the audience were ‘Get Noky Out’.

Elsewhere in the house yesterday and there was also drama when Yinrun was found to have been hiding chocolate in her bed to the upset of some of the other housemates.

Big Brother continues with its latest highlights show on Sunday night at 9PM.

In the meantime, live streaming from the house will be available tonight online from ITVX.

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