The Greatest TV Moment Of All Time crowned in ITV special

The Greatest TV Moment Of All Time is revealed in a special show on ITV tonight.


The Greatest TV Moments Of All Time will see viewers name the most iconic TV highlights of the past 50 years, before crowning one the best.

Incredible moments from the last 50-plus years of TV history will face off against each other in a glitzy awards ceremony in The Greatest TV Moments of All Time.

Hosted by comedian and TV presenter Paddy McGuinness the two hour programme will be a warm, funny and celebratory romp through the most amazing moments on TV spanning the past six decades.

Starting in the 1960s and continuing right through to the present day, the nation’s favourite clips from each era will compete to be crowned as the greatest TV moment of all time.

The show is jam-packed with the best, most nostalgia-inducing television memories, with a poll of viewers deciding which amazing clip has been voted the winner from each decade.

Paddy will be joined by a plethora of celebrity guests such as daytime TV star Holly Willoughby, funnyman Keith Lemon, Time Team star Sir Tony Robinson, comedy gods John Cleese and Meera Syal, showbiz royalty Jimmy Tarbuck and Corrie legend William Roache who will each represent a different decade and put their case forward as to why their era laid claim to the best TV moment.


Those six big moments then go head-to-head at the end of the show to compete for the title of ‘The Greatest TV Moment of All Time’.

The Greatest TV Moments Of All Time airs tonight from 8PM on ITV.