Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars 2023 start date as show returns to BBC One for second series

Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars will be back on BBC One and iPlayer for a new series this year.

The show sees Gordon Ramsay offering £150,000 of his own cash to up and coming food and drink entrepreneurs.

Series two sees another hand-picked 12 contestants compete to win the life-changing reward, looking to prove they have what it takes to partner up with Gordon.

Gordon Ramsays Future Food Stars series two first look

The BBC share: “Over 8 weeks, the Future Food Stars will travel all over the country from the Cotswolds to Wales to Gateshead and all the way to Glenapp Castle in Scotland.

“Across the series, Gordon will set his 12 brand new contenders relentless challenges designed to test their character and showcase their business skills – he’s not looking for his next Head Chef, he wants to find someone who he can partner up in business with.

“In this series, the contenders will be tasked with building brands from scratch, running businesses to create and sell pizzas, hosting drag brunches, even running Gordon’s very own restaurants, concocting recipes good enough for industry magazines, and much more.

“They will be expected to tackle technical tasks like de-shelling lobster, identifying and harvesting samples of seaweed, and collecting pine needles and cones from 40-foot trees to infuse into Mille Feuille, all the while being judged by Gordon on their technical and leadership skills as each week someone is sent home after the grilling.”

Gordon Ramsay’s Future Food Stars begins on Thursday, 30 March at 9PM on BBC One.

The series will also see Gordon joined by special guests including double Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams and TikTok sensation Uncle Roger.

Gordon Ramsay said: “My expectations are high for series 2. These guys should have seen the first Future Food Stars series so they should be more prepared for how to impress me. The contenders are great and viewers will pick favourites and will them on to win.”