Go backstage on The Voice Kids in Emma Willis’ dressing room

Emma Willis gives us a glimpse behind the scenes on The Voice Kids in this backstage video.


The Voice Kids’ digital reporter AJ Odudu catches up with Emma on set of the ITV show for a chat and a tour.

Emma reveals to AJ all about the bed she’s shared with Davina McCall and the sofa she pinched from the now demolished Big Brother house.

Emma also shares her daily routine, which begins with a bacon sandwich.

Watch AJ chat to Emma and tour her dressing room in the video below…

The Voice Kids continues Saturday nights at 8PM on ITV.


Speaking previously about the new series – the third that Emma has hosted – she said: “It’s a nice kind of family environment to be back with. It feels like a nice safe place to be, with nice people and nice kids and a nice outcome. A nice vibe… a fun happy vibe!”

This year The Voice Kids has welcomed new coach Jessie J to the fold, joining returning Pixie Lott, and Danny Jones.

Emma said of the newbie: “She is brilliant! She has fitted in brilliantly. She has done it before. She’s really lovely, Jessie. I’ve met her a couple times over the years. It’s like when Olly joined the grown-up version, it was just a natural fit.

“It’s weird to see a fourth chair, even though we have four on the grown- up one, I’m used to seeing three. That is the weirdest thing – an extra chair – but Jessie being there feels like it should have always been like that.”

Meanwhile, Emma said she felt more nerves from the friends and family on the show than the kids.

She explained: “There is a lot more anxiety going on and tears from time to time. I think they’re really nervous until they come out and the minute that they see they’re ok up there they seem to relax a bit more.


“If they don’t get a turn then it’s of course disappointing for them but if they do get a turn they’re just ecstatic. It’s because they’re not with them and they’re little kids and then all of a sudden, they’re taking on this enormous stage by themselves.”

The Voice Kids UK continues at 8PM tonight on ITV.