Glow Up returns with brand new series

Glow Up 2023: Val Garland, Leomie Anderson, Dominic Skinner.
Glow Up 2023: Val Garland, Leomie Anderson, Dominic Skinner. Credit: BBC/Wall To Wall/Ray Burmiston

Glow Up is back for a new series on BBC Three and iPlayer as more amateur make-up artists battle to be crowned Britain’s Next Make-Up Star.


Judged by Val Garland and Dominic Skinner, Glow Up is hosted British supermodel Leomie Anderson who took over from Maya Jama last year.

The brand new sixth series will start on Wednesday, 10 April at 8PM on BBC Three and iPlayer.

Glow Up cast group photo
Glow Up 2023 cast. Top L-R: Keiran, Morgan, Wezley, Saphron. Bottom L-R: On-May, Sarah, Taisha, Axel, Howard, Roo. Credit: BBC/Wall To Wall/Dave King

Each week, the aspiring make-up artists will be judged on their creative skills and ability to perform under pressure, in incredible Professional Assignments, from TV special FX to the Metaverse.

In their debut challenge, the makeup artists (MUAs) aim high, crafting looks for pop icon Lady Gaga to mark the European launch of her beauty brand, Haus Labs.

Under the guidance of Sarah Tanno, Gaga’s makeup artist and the brand’s artistry director, the MUAs create a TikTok video lip-syncing to Gaga’s voice, showcasing both the brand and their skills in engaging content creation.

The next day, at the Glow Up Studios, they tackle their first Creative Brief. The two MUAs struggling the most receive a time penalty and strive to reveal their true selves through their makeup, with creations ranging from a tenacious Venus fly trap to a bold representation of living as a gay man.

Following the brief, judges must decide which two MUAs face elimination. The challenge escalates with a makeup drill requiring flawless winged eyeliner on identical twins.


With intense pressure, the MUAs compete to impress and stay in the competition, but only one can avoid elimination and move forward. Who will prove their prowess and continue their journey?

Outside the UK, Glow Up is available to watch online on Netflix.