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Gino’s Italian Family Adventure on ITV – episodes and how to watch online

Gino's Italian Family Adventure - when its on?

Gino D’Acampo will take his family on a personal adventure into the roots of his upbringing and his passion for food in a new series.


The show will see Gino rediscovering the places and the flavours that shaped him and inspired him to become a chef while sharing them with his family as they immerse themselves in a dynamic Italian adventure.

ITV share: “Featuring Gino, his wife and their three children, plus in-laws, each episode will yank them out of their comfort zone and propel the chef and members of his family headlong into a mission to experience the source and discover the secrets of vibrant Italian cuisine.

“Born and raised in England, Gino’s children visit Sardinia every summer on holiday, but the family rarely ventures further. In this new series, Gino is determined to plunge them into the real Italy and embrace their heritage as he leads them on a series of surprising trips that bring them closer to each other and to the wonderful food he loves.

“Viewers will join them, taking in breathtaking Italian scenery along the way, in each episode as Gino shares his love of Italy and its food with his family – some of whom are more willing than others to get hands on in the pursuit of the finest local delicacies!”

Watch Gino’s Italian Family Adventure on TV and online

Gino’s Italian Family Adventure begins on ITV on Monday, 8 November at 8PM. The series has seven episodes.

You’ll also be able to watch online and catch up via the ITV Hub here.


Gino said: “Food and family are everything to me and I’m so excited to take my family on a journey across Bella Italia. We are going to discover all sorts of amazing places, people and excellent new ingredients together. It’s going to be fantastico! Look out Italy, the cooking D’Acampo’s are coming!”

Priya Singh, ITV Commissioning Editor Factual Entertainment, said: “We’ve watched Gino go on trips with his mates, but this is Gino the family man, with the people closest to him, taking them back to his roots and the region that influenced his lifelong passion for food.

“We’ll see how he gets on reigniting his love for the flavours he grew up with and how his family put up with him!”

The series is being made by Gordon Ramsay’s television production company, Studio Ramsay.


Studio Ramsay CCO Lisa Edwards said: “We are delighted viewers who already love Gino now get the opportunity to meet the whole D’Acampo family. More food, more fun and more D’Acampo’s!”

Picture: Gino & Family. Picture: ITV/Humble Pie Productions Ltd

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