Gino D’Acampo loses it over X-rated Family Fortunes answer

The new series of Family Fortunes with Gino D’Acampo kicks off this Sunday with some choice answers.


Family Fortunes returns on ITV with the hilarious Gino D’Acampo back as host.

Our survey says prepare to be entertained as two families try to guess the most popular responses to survey-based questions posed to 100 people.

This week, the Jones family of Liverpool will go up against the Baker family of Nottingham for a chance to win a £30,000 jackpot prize.

One round sees a contestant give the answer “having sex” to the question “name something that makes you scream”.

“Does that make you scream?” asks Gino.

“Not me” quips contestant Carl.


And when the answer doesn’t feature on the board and Gino reacts “I knew it because we are in England, in Italy it would be the top answer”.

In another round, a mother and daughter get into a dispute over an answer to “name an X Factor winner”.

The daughter is adamant that Shayne Ward will feature but her mother wants to go for James Arthur. It ends with the mother saying “you idiot” to her daughter as James features on the list but Shayne doesn’t.

And elsewhere in the first episode of the series, Gino gets very annoyed when pasta doesn’t feature on the list of foods you can eat both hot and cold, but pizza does.

Family Fortunes returns on Sunday at 7PM on ITV and ITV Hub.

Family Fortunes was first revived by ITV with Gino in charge last year and was quickly renewed with twenty new episodes filmed .


Gino said: “As soon as we’d finished the last season of Family Fortunes, I wanted to get straight back into the studio and film a load more episodes. Thankfully, the show went down very well with the viewers and I’m so happy to be back as I had the best time.

“The contestants really do make the show as brilliant as it is, and I know we’re going to be hearing a lot more weird and wonderful answers to the questions I’ll be asking.”