Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix go green for new ITV food and travel series


Gino D’Acampo and Fred Sirieix are teaming up once again for a brand new TV show on ITV.

These two globetrotting enthusiasts are gearing up for an extraordinary adventure, yet this time they’ve set their sights on a challenge that might prove to be their biggest yet: going green.

While food and travel have always been their driving passions, Gino and Fred are slowly realizing that some of their beloved indulgences – like planes, cars, and carnivorous delights – come at a significant cost to the planet.

In this latest escapade, the dynamic duo is determined to adopt a more sustainable approach, making conscious choices in their eating, resting, and travelling habits. Their goal is to discover remarkable destinations and meet inspiring individuals who are leading the way in eco-conscious living.

Motivated by his children, Fred has truly embraced a more environmentally aware mindset. His concerns were further intensified after witnessing the devastating impact of scorching temperatures on Europe this summer. As they explore their own backyard, can they evolve into modern men who are both environmentally conscious and fully adaptable to a petro-flexible lifestyle, all while relishing the sweet life on a thrilling culinary expedition?

Their travels will take them to Austria, home the greenest city in the world in 2020, yet is suffering from melting glaciers. The duo will also venture to Croatian islands facing the threats of rising sea levels. Along the way, they’ll search for sustainable ingredients and immerse themselves in eco-friendly ways of life that can serve as valuable lessons for us all.

Gino and Fred said: “We’re thrilled to be upcycled by ITV for another action-packed adventure and can’t wait to cook up some fantastic sustainable dishes whilst hopefully stirring up debate around these important issues.

“We might not come up with the recipe to save the planet but we hope to entertain, inform and inspire the audience to think about making changes in their own lives.”

Nicola Lloyd, Factual Commissioning Editor at ITV, added: “Gino and Fred have embraced their fair share of adventure over the years, but none more important than doing their tiny bit to save our planet … one organic vegetable at a time.

“Prepare for epic locations, mouth-watering food and a friendship that’s as durable as a reusable keepy cup.”

A start date for the series is to be announced.