Funny Woman renewed for second series on Sky

Sky has confirmed a second series of its comedy TV show Funny Woman.

First airing earlier this year, Funny Woman is about a young woman from Blackpool finding her comic voice in the male dominated world of the 1960s sitcom.

The show stars Gemma Arterton as Barbara Parker, a force of nature who takes London by storm

During the inaugural season, Barbara from Blackpool fulfilled her aspirations and transformed into the television comedy sensation, Sophie Straw, beloved by the nation. As the second series unfolds, Sophie is confronted with the reality that merely ‘having a voice’ doesn’t guarantee its resonance, and the capricious nature of fame becomes evident.

Tired of being confined to the role of comic relief in traditional comedy productions, Sophie tests the waters of arthouse cinema in search of a more progressive platform—only to realize that the transition doesn’t yield the expected results.

Unfazed by setbacks, Sophie resolves to forge her own path, leveraging her creativity to establish a comedic show where she can candidly narrate genuine stories in all their chaotic and uproarious splendour. She has unearthed her authentic voice, and nothing will hinder her from expressing it. Through her journey, she discovers the profound influence inherent in words.

A release date for Funny Woman‘s series two is to be announced.

For now all episodes of the first series are available on Sky on Demand and streaming service NOW.

The show is a TV adaptation of Nick Hornby novel Funny Girl.

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