Extraordinary Portraits tonight sees Mark Draisey capture hospital porter Holly

Tonight’s episode of Extraordinary Portraits features portrait painter Mark Draisey and hospital porter Holly.

Host Bill Bailey returns this evening (21 August) for a brand new episode from the third series of the BBC One show.

In the sixth and final episode of the series, Bill orchestrates an unexpected collaboration between traditional portrait painter Mark Draisey and the dedicated hospital porter, Holly.

Bill and Mark in studio
Extraordinary Portraits: Bill and Mark in studio. Credit: BBC/Chatterbox

Holly, who joined Torbay Hospital in Devon during the pandemic, undertakes a crucial role in transporting essential documents, samples, and individuals, covering the distance of three marathons each week.

Her decision to shift careers and become an NHS employee was prompted by her daughter Renae’s brain tumor diagnosis. The compassionate care and support her family received during this challenging time inspired Holly to reciprocate and contribute to the healthcare service.

Following her daughter Renae’s triumphant five-year remission from the illness, she aspires to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career as a midwife within the NHS.

Mark Draisey, a distinguished artist with an illustrious background as a caricaturist and illustrator spanning three decades, shifted his focus to portrait art in 2016. When introduced to Holly and her family, Mark grapples with the task of effectively capturing and honouring the extraordinary journey of Holly and Renae through his artistry.

Extraordinary Portraits airs at 7PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

Catch up with the full second series online via BBC iPlayer now.

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