Extraordinary Portraits: Nurse Jules and painter Belinda Eaton’s artistic encounter

Tonight’s episode of Extraordinary Portraits sees painter Belinda Eaton paired with nurse Jules.

Host Bill Bailey is back this evening (7 August) for a brand new episode from the third series of the BBC One show.

In the fourth episode, we witness the pairing of end-of-life care nurse Jules with the enchanting magic realist painter Belinda Eaton.

End of life care nurse Jules in studio with artist Belinda Eaton
Extraordinary Portraits: End of life care nurse Jules in studio with artist Belinda Eaton. Credit: BBC/Chatterbox

Jules is at the helm of a devoted team at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, providing solace to patients in their final weeks, days and moments.

Her unwavering dedication revolves around ensuring that these last days are infused with comfort and joy. From orchestrating impromptu weddings to curating taste-for-pleasure sessions, she weaves heartwarming experiences.

Beyond her profession, Jules extends her support by hosting ‘grief cafes,’ aiding her colleagues in grappling with personal bereavements.

Jules finds her match in Belinda, a wandering artist currently based in Devon. Raised in Mombasa, she flourished in Spain, trained in London, and ventured across New York, France and Pakistan. This kaleidoscope of cultures has profoundly shaped her distinctive magical realist painting style.

Belinda attributes her outsider experiences in different locales for nurturing her singular perspective. Refusing to be confined by reality, her canvases exude an ethereal quality.

The challenge arises: How will she capture the essence of someone who navigates the precipice between life and death in her artwork?

Extraordinary Portraits airs at 8:30PM on BBC One and iPlayer.

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