Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico heads to BBC Two and iPlayer in the UK


Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico is coming to the BBC in the UK.

The Emmy-nominated show, from the makers of the much-acclaimed Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy, will premiere on BBC Two on Sunday, 8 October at 7:20PM.

The six-part series will also be available to watch online via BBC iPlayer.

Eva Longoria delves into the culinary culture of her ancestral lands, unravelling the profound influence of Mexico’s landscape and history on one of the world’s most diverse and exciting cuisines.

With each episode, she embarks on an odyssey to different regions, showcasing how the marriage of ancient traditions and modern innovations fuels the heart of Mexican gastronomy. Through her culinary discoveries, we are offered a glimpse into centuries-old stories, the global influence of iconic dishes and the enduring legacies that bind generations together.

Award-winning actress, producer and director Eva explores her second home, the ever-evolving Mexico City, followed by a mesmerizing journey through Oaxaca, where the breathtaking Mexican landscapes intertwine with world-class ingredients.

As her voyage continues, Veracruz, the bustling port bridging Mexico to the world, reveals how its flavours and fervour have transcended borders, leaving a delectable mark on global cuisine.

Eva Longoria said: “As a Mexican-American, this show allowed me to connect with my roots in a profound way, exploring the rich culinary heritage of the land of my ancestors. Through this journey, I discovered the magic that lies within Mexican cuisine, where history, culture, and flavor converge.

“I can’t wait to share the stories, traditions, and the incredible diversity of Mexican food with audiences on BBC Two and iPlayer. It’s a celebration of Mexico’s culinary legacy, and I hope it inspires everyone to embark on their own culinary adventures.”

Jo Lapping, Head of Factual Acquisition, BBC, added: “We’re delighted to be bringing viewers another unforgettable culinary exploration with the brilliant Eva Longoria guiding us through the vibrant flavours of Mexico.”

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