Eurovision 2018: Here are the countries that voted for the UK (all seven of them)

Here’s a round up of exactly who voted for the UK during Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Our entry SuRie finished 24th place overall, a big drop from last year’s 15th.

We scored a total of 48 points which was made up of 23 from juries and 25 from viewers across Europe (and elsewhere).

So just who voted for us?

In the live show, we saw the UK received Jury votes from Latvia (2 points), Croatia (2 points), France (3 points), Italy (6 points) Montenegro (2 points) and winners Israel (8 points).

eurovision 2018 results scoreboard leaderboard
Final Eurovision 2018 scoreboard

As for viewer votes, our neighbour Ireland was the biggest contributor offering up 10 points.

We got 6 points from Australia and 3 from both Albania and Denmark. Germany, Malta and San Marino all offered up a point each for our total.

As for where the UK viewer votes went, 12 points went to Lithuania, 10 to Ireland, 8 to Cyprus, 7 to Israel, 6 to Bulgaria and 5 to the Czech Republic.

Our 4 points from viewers went to Moldova, 3 to Germany, 2 to Denmark, and 1 to Australia.

UK Eurovision Entry SuRie took to the stage on Saturday evening in ninth place, opening the second round of performances.

But halfway through the song, a protestor rushed at SuRie and tried to grab her microphone. At one point, SuRie lost her microphone but eventually got it back and continued to finish the song.

She tweeted after the live show: “Well, I’ve always said anything can happen at Eurovision …”

SuRie went on to say: “I’m so proud of my performance tonight. I gave it my very best.

“It’s been an incredible experience for me. I am so grateful for everyone’s love and support. The fans make Eurovision what it is; the biggest and the most inclusive and open celebration of music in the world.

“Eurovision is a family, and I am proud to be part of it.”

SuRie also thanked her team and added: “Words can never express the gratitude and love I feel for them all.”

Eurovision airs on BBC One in the UK.