Silent Witness episode guide and TV schedule (2024)

Silent Witness 2024 cast group photo

Silent Witness is back on BBC One with a brand new series of ten episodes.

Forensic pathologists navigate through a series of personal and professional hurdles in a suspenseful and atmospheric thriller, transitioning seamlessly from the crime scene to the laboratory.

When is Silent Witness on TV?

Silent Witness airs on BBC One at 9PM on Monday and Tuesday nights. The final two episodes of the latest series will air on Monday, 12 February and Tuesday, 13 February.

You can also watch episodes online and catch up via BBC iPlayer.

Silent Witness Series 27 Episode Guide

Episode 1: Effective Range Part One (8 January)

Nikki and Jack delve into a murder case reminiscent of a notorious serial killer’s methods. Nikki encounters Charles Beck, a pathologist whose wife was allegedly the fifth victim of this killer. Despite his claims of knowing her body’s location, his theories are met with skepticism.


Episode 2: Effective Range Part Two (9 January)

As a woman’s body surfaces from a reservoir, Nikki confirms she is Charles Beck’s wife. Meanwhile, Jack and Velvy unearth new evidence leading to an unexpected arrest, while Nikki seeks to unravel the mysteries surrounding Calvin Dunn, the infamous serial killer.

Emilia Fox as Nikki Alexander in the first episode of the new series of Silent Witness

Episode 3: Grievance Culture Part One (15 January)

Investigating a presumed suicide, the team faces more questions than answers. Gabriel, embarking on new professional and personal ventures, seeks Jack’s assistance. A criminology professor, overlooked for promotion, triggers a sinister chain of events, targeting the interview panel and potentially endangering the Lyell team.


Episode 4: Grievance Culture Part Two (22 January)

The turmoil intensifies at the university, impacting Cara. The mystery of a Thames-based corpse unravels. An unexpected source aids in cracking the Cherry case, but the team races against time to intervene.


Episode 5: Invisible Part One (29 January)

A year-deceased woman is discovered in a flat, prompting the team to piece together her identity and cause of death. Despite her being forgotten by the world, the Lyell team is resolute in ensuring her story is told and justice served.


Episode 6: Invisible Part Two (30 January)

Nikki and Jack explore connections between Roy’s mysterious death and their initial case. D.I. Torres hunts a stalker, while Cara is stunned by Velvy’s living conditions. The case reaches an unexpected climax, bringing surprises for the team.


Episode 7: Death By A Thousand Hits Part One (5 February)

A Burmese man’s death on a deserted beach becomes the team’s focus, as his pregnant wife clings to hope. Nikki and Jack grapple with a baffling crime scene that raises more queries than it resolves.


Episode 8: Death By A Thousand Hits Part Two (7 February)

Amidst breakthroughs and deceptions, the Lyell team faces unexpected compromises. Their mission to unveil the identity and motive behind the beach murder leads them into a harrowing narrative, emphasizing the need for trust and unity.

Silent Witness cast

Episode 9: King’s Cross Part One (12 February)

Summoned to a museum near King’s Cross Station, the Lyell team uncovers eight bodies, hinting at the return of a prolific serial killer from two decades prior. This discovery sets them on a unique and challenging investigation.


Episode 10: King’s Cross Part Two (13 February)

With the final bodies awaiting identification, Nikki strives to find connections, while Jack and the police revisit old missing persons cases. These efforts are crucial in unmasking the enigmatic “King’s Cross Serial Killer.”