Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday (Series 3, Episode 7)

Rich Holiday Poor Holiday Episode 7
Mother & Daughter, Anna & Naomi, enjoying time in the pool at marsden manor in the cotwolds

Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday – Episode 7 Synopsis

In this week’s episode, the show features its most drastic holiday swap to date. Polish cleaner Anna and her daughter Naomi, embark on a journey to a lavish manor in the Cotswolds, trading places with affluent duo Harry and Lyndsey. Anna and Naomi immerse themselves in luxury at the grand 15-bedroom Marsden Manor, complete with a private pool and exclusive activities like clay pigeon shooting and horse-riding, experiences far removed from their everyday lives.

Meanwhile, Harry and Lyndsey, who thrive in the world of luxury travel, find themselves in a starkly different setting. Accustomed to the opulence of destinations like the Maldives, they face a challenging week in a modest caravan on the Costa del Sol, living on a tight budget of just 94 Euros. The week is packed with new experiences, from volunteering at a donkey sanctuary to enduring a hike in intense heat and exploring the bustling bars of Benalmadena.

Both families encounter emotional highs and lows, discovering profound insights about the true worth of money. While Anna hopes the experience will inspire Naomi towards a future in law, Harry and Lyndsey learn invaluable lessons about life beyond luxury.

Rich Holiday, Poor Holiday airs on Channel 5 on Sunday, 21 January 2024 at 9:00PM.

The episode is the seventh from the show’s third series.