Extraordinary Extensions with Tinie Tempah (Series 2)

Tinie Tempah poses in a kitchen

Music artist and property developer Tinie Tempah returns with a new series of the breathtaking property show that showcases courageous homeowners creating exceptional extensions.


Tinie travels across the UK, encountering individuals who are transforming their houses by building impressive extensions upwards, downwards, or outwards, resulting in astonishing transformations. The show features a range of budgets and bold architectural designs, presenting the remarkable and occasionally poignant journeys of these unique constructions.

Episode 1 – 12 January

In Warwickshire, Tinie observes a couple embarking on an audacious million-pound retirement project to add an underground pool and spa to their large, curved house, overcoming challenges with the property’s shape and striving for eco-friendliness.

Additionally, Tinie seeks inspiration by visiting two other luxurious subterranean extensions dedicated to leisure.

Episode 2 – 19 January

In Peckham, south London, Tinie joins a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur as he lets a graffiti artist and a massive living jungle-wall take over his Victorian house. And in Essex, a couple with a fraction of a budget attempt to extend their distinctive 1960s home without ruining it.

Episode 3 – 26 January

In Lincolnshire, Tinie follows a couple of serial property flippers who are about to finally settle down in the modern country home of their dreams, but not before they add three massive extensions. And in Hertfordshire, he meets a newly qualified architect who’s building an extension for his first clients – his fiancée and their blended family.

Extraordinary Extensions airs on Channel 4 on Friday, 12 January 2024 at 8:00PM.