Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly (Series 6, Episode 1)

Dogs Behaving Very Badly: EP1 Gemma, Rodney and Josh

In the first episode of the new series of Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly, Graeme Hall journeys to Bristol to meet the Crampton family.

They had hoped for a calm, affectionate, and docile St Bernard to enhance their family life, but instead, they got Dave. Dave is a whirlwind of chaos, using grandma as a makeshift chair, pilfering anything he can find, and disrupting family moments. He does whatever he pleases, whenever he pleases. The question is, can Graeme bring back peace and order?

Meanwhile, in Surbiton, Gemma and Josh have sought Graeme’s expertise to deal with their Pug, Rodney’s, intense fascination with feet. Rodney’s fixation is so acute that he chases joggers, is drawn to sandals, and grabs onto shoe laces. With Gemma pregnant, Rodney’s behaviour needs urgent correction to prevent potential accidents. This task is certainly not going to be easy for Graeme.

The final stop in this episode is Teddington, where Graeme encounters teenager Millie. After much persuasion, Millie’s parents relented and got her a dog, three-year-old Royce. However, Royce has an awkward habit – he ‘splats’. It’s not a health issue but a behavioural one during walks, turning outings into a cumbersome and embarrassing ordeal for Millie and her friends. With Millie soon heading to university and leaving Royce with her mum, the pressure is on for Graeme to resolve Royce’s ‘splatting’ habit in time.

Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly airs on Channel 5 on Tuesday, 2 January 2024 at 8:00PM.

The episode is the first from the show’s sixth series.