Cruising with Susan Calman (USA & Mexico)

Susan Calman on a cruise from Los Angeles to Ensenada.

Susan Calman launches an exhilarating new season of Cruising with a dynamic four-day voyage to Mexico.


The adventure begins in Hollywood, the epicentre of showbiz. Time is of the essence as Susan embarks on a rapid exploration of historic Hollywood, her passion for classic cinema shining through in dreams of silver screen stardom.

However, her ship awaits in Long Beach, California, along with 3000 eager passengers set to celebrate the year 2024. Susan finds herself caught up in the festive atmosphere of the sailaway party.

Aboard the ship, she encounters a thrilling challenge: two towering water slides. But there’s no pause for a swimsuit; the ship docks at Catalina Island for a Scavenger Hunt.

Joining forces with fellow cruisers, Susan dives into the puzzle, competing against many in the quest for victory.

Susan’s competitive spirit doesn’t wane as she joins a basketball match against some skilled American players. A leisurely wander through the ship leads her to discover uniquely adorned cabin doors.

The journey leads to Ensenada, Mexico, where Susan explores La Bufadora, a spectacular blowhole spouting water sky-high. A close escape from a drenching later, she visits one of Mexico’s oldest bars, sampling her first Margarita.

As the ship prepares to leave the port, Susan ascends to the bridge to witness the skilled navigation of this colossal vessel. Yet, the allure of the water slides beckons. Will Susan dare to embrace this final exhilarating challenge?


Cruising with Susan Calman airs on Channel 5 on Friday, 5 January 2024 at 8:00PM.

The episode is the first from the show’s third series.