Call The Midwife 2024 episode guide and TV schedule

Sister Veronica (REBECCA GETHINGS), Trixie Franklin (HELEN GEORGE), Sister Monica Joan (JUDY PARFITT).
Call The Midwife new series first look: Sister Veronica (REBECCA GETHINGS), Trixie Franklin (HELEN GEORGE), Sister Monica Joan (JUDY PARFITT). Credit: BBC/Neal Street Productions/Andrea Southam

Call The Midwife is a touching story set in London’s East End during the challenging yet transformative years of the 1950s and 1960s.


Here, midwives bring new life into the world amidst the evolving landscape of the era.

When is Call The Midwife next on TV?

The latest episode of Call The Midwife airs on Sunday, 14 January 2024 at 8PM. You can watch on BBC One and iPlayer.

It is the second of the latest series which has 8 episodes.

Episode guide

  1. Episode 1 (7 January)
  2. Episode 2 (14 January)
  3. Episode 3 (21 January)
  4. Episode 4

Episode 1 – (7 January)

Sister Julienne and Shelagh start a midwifery training program with trainees Rosalind, Joyce, Kathy, and Norelle. Rosalind and Joyce settle into Nonnatus House.

Dr Turner supports a new hospital-based initiative for complex GP cases. Doreen Challis, with cerebral palsy, is pregnant, causing family turmoil and revealing a shocking past secret.

Rosalind’s first district birth, guided by Trixie, turns perilous, endangering everyone involved.


After a cancelled Easter fair, Reggie proposes a community-unifying idea. The Nonnatus team is split over a campaign for better nurse pay and conditions.


Episode 2 – (14 January)

At a Tuesday clinic, Shelagh and Joyce care for Edna Bristow, a pregnant mother facing difficulties, especially with her damp-ridden flat. Mrs Wallace, from The Shining Tabernacle church, concerned about absent worshippers, sends Cyril to visit, leading him to question his career path.

Nancy and Dr Turner deal with a challenging case of Sahira Khan, a young Sylheti woman with unexplained symptoms. Nancy supports Sahira while also joining the RCN Raise the Roof campaign, despite peer opposition.

Trixie decides to learn driving to avoid long bus commutes, with Matthew as her reluctant instructor. Concurrently, Collette struggles to memorize a complex T. S. Eliot poem for a poetry recital.

Episode 3

Reggie returns home for a brief holiday and joins Fred in refurbishing the neglected garden outside St Oswald’s church. This is their first paid job together, and marks Reggie’s initial earnings. Concurrently, Violet and Fred decide to pay Reggie for his assistance in Buckle’s paper shop. While Violet is engrossed in her mayoral campaign application, she overlooks Fred’s uncharacteristic mood. A sudden twist in events threatens to derail Violet’s campaign.

In Poplar, Gillian Baxter, a local celebrity and model, is renowned for her early start in the industry, featuring in baby soap ads on London buses. Now pregnant, Gillian has resumed modelling, with plans for her baby to follow suit. During her delivery at the maternity home, led by Rosalind and Sister Julienne, an unexpected diagnosis of a birth defect for her baby leaves Gillian distressed. Nurse Crane steps in to support Gillian and her husband, Liam, during this difficult period.


Elsewhere, Trixie is planning her move into a Barbican apartment and seeks Matthew’s opinion on choosing a new sofa.

Episode 4

Further episodes in the series to be confirmed