Brits Down Under (Channel 4) | Cast & Episodes

Brits Down Under cast group photo
Brits Down Under cast. Pictured: (L-R) Abbey, Grant, Naomi and Tuesday

New Channel4 TV show sees a group of adventurous young British backpackers venture into the vast Australian Outback, aiming to complete 88 days of hard manual work.

Their goal is to qualify for an extension of their working holiday visa.

For over a decade, Farmer Grant and his Spanish partner, Maeva, have hosted these eager travellers at their farm. They offer lodging and help the backpackers find paid jobs on neighbouring farms.

Brits Down Under cast

Meet those appearing on the Channel 4 TV show below…

  • Alfie: A 21-year-old from Yorkshire, Alfie grew up in a farming family, started working at 13, and moved to Australia seeking better pay in farming to live a comfortable life without financial worries.
  • Annise: At 28, Annise from Surrey had been travelling in Australia for four months before joining a farmstay, with her initial expectations of a fabulous life yet to be met.
  • Naomi: Naomi, 24, from Essex, enjoys the great weather, friendly people, and good earnings in Australia, despite missing her mum and the classic roast dinners back home.
  • Andy: 21-year-old Andy from Kent left his job in London for an Australian adventure. He aims to explore and try new things while in the Outback.
  • Lily: Lily, 22, arrived in Australia from Surrey just 10 days ago, seeking something beyond a typical 9-5 job.
  • Tuesday: Tuesday, 23, left her construction job in Devon to travel. She has spent the last eight months in Australia, living in a tent and aspiring to an off-grid life close to nature.
  • Abbey: 29-year-old Abbey from Lancashire, feeling out of sync with her home friends who are settling down, chose Australia for a new chapter in her life.
  • Elliot: Elliot, a 23-year-old from Hampshire, is on his first trip away from home. He hopes this journey will help him grow up and find his purpose.
  • Joanne: Joanne, 27, from Ireland, is travelling to escape the mundane and find change, hoping Australia will be her answer.
  • Gary: 25-year-old Gary from London, after three months of holidaying in Australia, is now looking for work to sustain his stay in a country he feels deeply connected to.
  • Nico: Nico, 27, from Hampshire, left his office job for an adventure in Australia, despite his family’s doubts about his coping abilities.
  • Jordon: Jordon, 28, from Yorkshire, moved to Australia six months ago to fulfill his late father’s advice of pursuing his desires and enjoying life.

When is Brits Down Under on TV?

Brits Down Under currently airs Monday nights at 10PM on Channel 4. From Episode 4, the series will air Tuesday at 11:05PM. The series has six episodes in total which are available now on Channel 4 streaming.

Episode List

Episode 1

Initially, Grant assesses their abilities on his own farm, determining whether they are fit for external work. Tensions rise when one backpacker’s underperformance catches Grant’s attention.

Meanwhile, half of the group begins work in a flood-stricken vineyard nearby. The challenging conditions prove too much for some, leading to the dismissal of one of the backpackers.

Episode 2

The backpackers are five days into their remote farm adventure and those lucky enough to have paid work are sent to graft away on a goat farm. But when the farmer tells them that they have to select a goat for slaughter, emotions run high. After Elliot was fired from his first farm effort, Grant gives him a second chance, but it doesn’t go well.

Elliot struggles with manual labour and putting up a fence proves too much, while Annise impresses with her truck-driving skills. Grant takes some of the backpackers into the outback for a camping trip, but their 13-tonne truck gets wedged in deep mud. Can the Brits pull together to rescue it?

And Grant finds Alfie a job in construction, but Alfie has other ideas and makes a shock announcement that leaves the group reeling

Episode 3

In this episode of the series, Jordon is busy with pomegranates, while Abbey and Elliot find themselves at a citrus farm. Annise, Tuesday, Joanne, and Lily spend their day fruit picking. The other backpackers, without paid work, discover that their day isn’t free for relaxation.

Grant and Maeva, who manage things strictly, have chores lined up, including caring for Ravioli, a baby goat. Meanwhile, at a jujube fruit farm, the new workers endure a strenuous 10-hour shift harvesting the prickly fruit. The farmer, however, is not satisfied with their performance, leading to a walkout.

In another part of the countryside, Naomi and Andy take on the challenge of working on a vast 40,000-acre sheep farm. Additionally, a romantic spark between two members of the group catches everyone’s attention.

Episode 4

Some of the backpackers make the most of their day off and head to the nearest town to get kitted out before going to the town’s annual rodeo show, where pulling a cowboy is on the agenda! Back at the farm, Grant does a spot check to make sure the backpackers are sticking to the house rules and is horrified by what he finds.

One of the group looks to a tarot card reading for confirmation that she’s on the right path. Naomi and Andy have their hands full as they learn how to castrate sheep. Tuesday gets to grips with driving a tractor. Grant gets furious over some crumbs, tensions boil over, and two of the backpackers are shown the door

Brits Down Under airs on Channel 4 on Monday nights at 10:00PM.

All six episodes of Brits Down Under is available for streaming.