Emmerdale’s Chas Dingle faces devastating diagnosis in new storyline

Emmerdale Chas played by Lucy Pargeter

Emmerdale has revealed a devastating new storyline for Chas Dingle.

ITV’s popular soap will tackle breast cancer, focusing on the character Chas Dingle, portrayed by Lucy Pargeter.

The plot unfolds as Chas discovers a lump in her breast, an experience that is both emotional and frightening, especially in the wake of her mother Faith’s own tragic battle with cancer.

This storyline is being developed in collaboration with Breast Cancer Now, a charity providing crucial support and guidance. Breast cancer remains the most common cancer in the UK, with one woman diagnosed every ten minutes.

The narrative takes a dramatic turn when Chas, a single mother, embarks on a casual relationship with village doctor, Liam Cavanagh, played by Jonny McPherson. The mood shifts drastically when Liam discovers a lump in Chas’s breast, leading to a whirlwind of fear and uncertainty.

Despite Liam’s reassurances that it could be benign, he urges Chas to see her GP promptly. Following diagnostic tests at a breast clinic, Chas receives the harrowing diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer.

Struggling to come to terms with the news, Chas initially keeps her diagnosis secret. As a mother, her primary concern is to remain healthy for her young daughter, while also being acutely aware of the potential implications due to her mother’s history.

Lucy Pargeter said: “When the producers first discussed this storyline with me I knew I didn’t want us to shy away from any aspect of this diagnosis for Chas. She saw her own mother ultimately die after an incurable breast cancer diagnosis, so for Chas to receive a breast cancer diagnosis herself, makes it all the more poignant.

“Our audience knows her so well, they have seen her relationships, know her faults, her passions, her insecurities, quirks and fears. So for them to see this story play out will be more meaningful given everything that has happened to both her and her mother. I think this is the beauty of our genre ‘Soap’.

“However, I am more than aware of the huge responsibility with us telling this story. I hope we can do it justice. It won’t be all doom and gloom, there will be ups and downs just like with anything. But I hope it looks and feels real. And if just a few people get help for breast changes that do not feel or look right, it could do some good too.”

Emmerdale airs weekday nights at 7.30 on ITV1 and on ITVX. For those affected by Chas’s storyline or seeking information and support, Breast Cancer Now’s Helpline is available at 0808 800 6000, or via their confidential email service.

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