Emmerdale spoilers: Spring storylines revealed – ‘dark secrets and betrayal’

ITV has unveiled its Spring storylines for Emmerdale – here’s a spoiler-filled preview of what to expect.


In a series of teases, soap bosses say that life will never be the same again for some of Emmerdale’s villagers as dark secrets and betrayal come to light and tragedy strikes.

Vinny (Bradley Johnson) has suffered months of torment at the hands of his abusive father, but is the net starting to close in on desperate Paul (Reece Dinsdale)? And with the biggest day of her life just around the corner, will Mandy (Lisa Riley) get the wedding of her dreams or is it set to end in disaster?

Jimmy (Nick Miles) and Nicola’s (Nicola Wheeler) marriage is being pushed to its limits as they fight to keep custody of Jimmy’s son Carl. When they discover their every move
is being watched by a personal investigator, could things go from bad to worse for the couple?

Newly returned Faith (Sally Dexter) plays the domestic goddess as she moves in with grandson Nate (Jurell Carter), Tracy (Amy Walsh) and her new great granddaughter Frankie. But can she stay out of trouble long enough to keep her place in the Dingle family? Or will she revert to type and get sidetracked by mischievous, crazy schemes?

Harriet (Katherin Dow Blyton) is missing to those in the village but Will (Dean Andrews) guards the secret of her whereabouts, telling them she is away on a retreat. Kim (Claire
King) turns up unannounced and becomes suspicious of noises coming from the cellar, and Will finds himself distracting Kim in order to keep Harriet’s hiding place a secret.

When Bob’s (Tony Audenshaw) friend Dan (Liam Fox) has the gift of the gab around Wendy (Susan Cookson), Bob’s insecurities come to light. Could jealousy jeopardise his chance of happiness?


Emmerdale airs Monday to Friday 7PM & Thursday 8PM on ITV.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via the ITV Hub here.

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