Ekin-Su speaks out after Celebrity Big Brother eviction

Ekin-Su reacts to her Celebrity Big Brother eviction

An “overwhelmed” Ekin-Su says she’s “glad” to be out of the Celebrity Big Brother house.


The Love Island star was evicted alongside Levi Roots in the latest results on Friday night.

Speaking after her departure, Ekin-Su said: “It was the best experience of my life in there.

“It’s like a total different world in there. You make friends and then you have these challenges and then one person has to nominate and it’s so hard because they’re all so lovely, there’s nothing bad you want to say about them. Everyone’s so nice in there.”

Ekin-Su reacts to her Celebrity Big Brother eviction

The eviction came after a dramatic round of face to face nominations and an intense argument with Marisha Wallace.

Ekin-Su said of Marisha nominating her: “I was hurt by Marisha because I was really close with her. I think you should never judge a person on their past. I always saw her as a friend, I didn’t see her as a competitor as she did for me.”


Appearing on spin-off show Late & Live, Ekin-Su was questioned on apparent hypocrisy over her nomination for Louis when the pair were also close.

Ekin-Su claimed that Louis had wanted to go home and she “felt sorry for him”.

“You haven’t seen everything, they’ve cut stuff out… I’m just hurt that I wasn’t portrayed as myself on the show.” she claimed, minutes after her exit from the house.

However Ekin-Su later admitted she did regret nominating Louis, but insisted “it wasn’t from a malicious or nasty place.”

Meanwhile, Ekin-Su also took aim at Fern’s nomination for her, sharing: “It’s a shame because I think Fern is amazing, strong and beautiful.

“I think she must have had a wrong preconceived impression of me from Love Island. I wish she had opened up to me more and we would have understood each other more. We have a lot in common.”

Ekin-Su continued: “I don’t think people knew I was being myself. People don’t know me well enough, they know me for my past and the show I was on.”


Ekin-Su on Celebrity Big Brother

She added: “You can’t predict life and just because I won Love Island doesn’t mean I’m going to win every show that I go on. That’s what people say. I’m glad I’m out because it shows it isn’t true.”

And so for who she wants to win, Ekin-Su revealed a surprise name.


“Louis, because he is himself in there and he’s just funny, I want him to win,” she said.

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on ITV1 and ITVX.