Ekin-Su kicks off after face to face nominations on Celebrity Big Brother

Ekin-Su and Marisha argue
Ekin-Su and Marisha argue

Ekin-Su is left raging on Celebrity Big Brother tonight as face to face nominations take place.


In this evening’s episode, the housemates head to the kissing booth and get ready to nominate face to face.

After making their decision, the housemates must seal their nomination with a kiss.

As the housemates take it in turns to nominate, tensions rise with one housemate nominating by saying: “I don’t get you, you don’t get me. I sometimes feel like you’re wearing a mask… I feel like I don’t know the real you and that has disappointed me and disturbed me”

Louis says whilst making his decision: “I’m not fake, I’m not acting. A lot of people here are..”

Meanwhile, Ekin-Su is angered by one nomination for her from Marisha.

Ekin-Su fumes: “I knew this was gonna happen, this judging me because I’ve been on a show before. You’ve been close to me this whole time, so you’ve been fake with me this whole time”


But with five housemates up for eviction, what fallout will come from the nominations?

Meanwhile tonight, Louis finds himself in trouble after breaking the rules regarding nominations AGAIN.

Elsewhere, Louis and Fern discuss careers, with Fern saying: “I’m ready to slow down, like you, I’ve been working solidly since I was 20”

Louis agrees, saying: “you realise what life is, and realise why haven’t I done this before, why didn’t I go there, why didn’t I do that?”

Louis adds: “Fern, if you pick the right person you’ll have great fun, you might fall in love”

Fern says: “I don’t want to fall in love again…”

Meanwhile, to celebrate the halfway point of the series, Big Brother transforms the garden into a funfair.

Housemates then take it in turns to try their hand at fun fair games including the hoopla, the high striker and hook a duck to win a cuddly toy.


Marisha is chosen to go to the fortune machine and reveal a twist of fate. When a ball falls down from the machine, she reads the news: “There are exciting things ahead, on Sunday 14th April, you will be sitting at the Olivier Awards as a nominee”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.