Drawers Off with Jenny Eclair cancelled by Channel 4 after two series

Drawers Off series three won't be happening

Channel 4’s day time drawing series Drawers Off has been cancelled after two series.


Hosted by Jenny Eclair, Drawers Off saw amateur artists reveal their naked ambition as they compete to win a weekly cash prize.

Airing weekdays, it saw contestants pit their life drawing skills against each other. At the end of each episode, each artist’s portrait will be displayed in the gallery and judged by their fellow competitors who will score their rivals’ work out of 10.

At the end of the week, the artists voted for their favourite of the five artworks in the gallery, with the winning artist taking home the prize.

Host Jenny Eclair has revealed the show won’t be returning for a new series.

She shared with The Sun: “Channel 4 have decided there will be no more. I am devastated, absolutely gutted.

“You can only do so much. It is really hard to get a foothold in that time slot. If you don’t tick the number of viewers, you don’t get another series, simple as that.”


The first series debuted in 2021 while series two premiered in May of this year. In total, 40 episodes aired.

You can catch up with the two series online via All 4 here.