Don’t Tell The Bride secrets revealed: Former couples spill all

Former couples from Don’t Tell The Bride have been revealing all about the show.


Ahead of the latest episode this evening on E4 at 9PM, couples have spoken out on their experiences.

And they insist, despite the doubt of some viewers, the show isn’t fake’.

Former bride Bianca Ledner, who appeared on the show in 2015, explained: “I genuinely didn’t know anything about his ideas. We had to sign contracts and if we discussed anything, we’d have to give the money back, which was quite scary.”

To ensure the couples don’t communicate, show bosses cut them off from not only one another but also the rest of world.

Don't Tell the Bride
Don’t Tell The Bride: Episode 8 – (Charlotte and Chris Wedding)

“We had to hand in our phones and deactivate all of our social media , and we were given a little brick phone instead,” Bianca told heat magazine.

Another couple, Luke and Jaydene told how filming the show was genuinely emotional for both the groom and bride.


“I thought it was going to be really relaxed and easy, and I wouldn’t get wrapped up n it, but I was really emotionally involved, you just can’t help it,” Jaydene said.

But she pointed out that there was a huge advantage to taking part in the reality series, where grooms are given £14k to plan their weddings.

“We went [on honeymoon] to America for three weeks. Because we had our wedding paid for, that meant we could go somewhere nice,” she said.

Meanwhile, in an interview with Cosmopolitan, Steve and Emma say that they would have to pay back the wedding budget at a rate of £1,000 a day if any couple broke the rules.

Steve explained: “We had to sign a contract, which basically said that if you cheat you have to pay £12,000 back at £1,000 a day; it was quite strongly worded as well.”

Last year E4 hit back at claims Don’t Tell The Bride was ‘fake’ because couples didn’t legally tie the knot on the show.

However E4 insisted that there were rules in place to ensure couples did eventually make their marriage legally binding.


They said in a statement: “All contributors sign notice to marry for their legal ceremony in the presence of a production team member but before filming starts.

“An update or photos from this legal ceremony is shown at the end of each episode.”

Don't Tell the Bride
Don’t Tell The Bride: Episode 9 – (Danielle and Jordan)

Don’t Tell The Bride originally started on BBC Three before moving to Sky in 2016. The new series airs on E4 at 9PM on Wednesday nights.


In tonight’s episode, Yorkshire groom Lee and his brother Shane don’t take life too seriously, so when they are tasked with planning a surprise wedding for bride-to-be Rebecca, you’d think they’d take it as an opportunity to prove themselves, right? Wrong.

Instead, the boys go on a week long, nine-country tour of Europe and invite Mr Bean to the big day. And if that’s not enough, they tell Becky if she wants to marry Lee, she has to find him first.