Doctor Who’s Secrets & Scandals revealed in new documentary

A new Channel 5 documentary is to explore Doctor Who’s 60 Years of Secrets & Scandals.

As the iconic TV show Doctor Who prepares to mark its 60th anniversary this month, Channel 5 will be taking a look back at the show’s history.

Doctor Who: 60 Years of Secrets & Scandals will air in the TV schedule on Saturday, 25 November at 8:30PM – just after Doctor Who’s return to BBC One earlier that evening.

Doctor Who - Ep 3 - The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) - (C) BBC Studios - Photographer: Ben Blackall
Doctor Who – Ep 3 – The Doctor (JODIE WHITTAKER) – (C) BBC Studios – Photographer: Ben Blackall

Delving into the remarkable journey of the world’s longest-running science fiction series, which has captivated audiences for over sixty years, this documentary offers an in-depth look at the making of the iconic show and the reasons behind its enduring popularity.

Featuring exclusive interviews with key cast members such as Sophie Aldred, Nicola Bryant, and Frazer Hines, the program also includes insights from behind-the-scenes contributors like Waris Hussein, the show’s first director.

Viewers will get a glimpse into the hazardous stunts that occasionally went awry, as well as the ingenious techniques used to bring the show’s famous monsters to life.

Additionally, the program uncovers how certain excessively terrifying monsters and plots led to the BBC’s decision to modify episodes.

Doctor Who: 60 Years of Secrets & Scandals also sheds light on the controversial treatment and actions of its leading actors. It reveals an intriguing connection between a young Peter Capaldi and the series, long before he assumed the iconic role.

The documentary explores the risqué fan-made spin-offs created during the show’s hiatus and how the series gradually evolved to include more evident romantic dynamics between the Doctor and their assistants.

Moreover, the program uncovers the mysteries surrounding lost episodes of Doctor Who, highlighting the incredible efforts of fans to locate these missing pieces of television history. It also addresses the significant fan uproar following the BBC’s attempt to cancel the series and the challenges faced in reviving the beloved show.

Doctor Who: 60 Years of Secrets & Scandals airs Saturday, 25 November at 8:30PM on Channel 5.