Doctor Who Bargain Hunt special comes to BBC One


The BBC is to mark the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who with a Bargain Hunt special.

In this popular daytime show, two teams of novice collectors go head-to-head to snag the top deals, and in these special episodes there are some unique ‘hunters’.

In the Doctor Who-themed episode, Eric Knowles dons his scarf and wields a sonic screwdriver to host an exceptional instalment celebrating the 60th anniversary of the UK’s most cherished action-adventure series.

Eric Knowles and Doctor Who memorabilia collector, Chris Balcombe, with a Dalek.

After a close encounter with a Dalek and a quick getaway into a TARDIS, he finds himself at a Carmarthen antiques fair, meeting two teams of fervent fans, each with ambitions to outdo the other. Assisting them for the day are experts Richard Madley and Kate Bliss, both adorned in attire reminiscent of iconic Doctors.

Which team will triumph in the galactic quest for the most substantial auction profit?

Eric also converses with an avid fan who possesses an impressive and valuable assortment of original Doctor Who memorabilia, some harking back to the show’s inception – this includes extraterrestrial costumes, Cybermen helmets, and, unmistakably, a formidable Dalek.

The Bargain Hunt Doctor Who special will air on BBC One and iPlayer on Thursday, 23 November at 12:15PM.

Eric said: “Having watched the first episode as a 10-year-old in 1963, it’s great to be celebrating Doctor Who’s anniversary on Bargain Hunt and sharing the love of this beloved programme with two teams of super fans. Over its long life, treasures of all kinds based on the series can be found, making it the perfect theme for a special episode”.

The episode is one of three specials this winter.

Bargain Hunt collaborates with the iconic BBC program, Blue Peter, to commemorate its 65th year. For the first time in history, the Red and Blue teams on the hunt for antiques comprise entirely of children.

Moreover, in a unique BBC Children in Need episode, Christina Trevanion alongside Pudsey orchestrate a thrilling celebrity face-off in Malvern, Worcestershire, pitting TV chefs against musicians.

The specials will be broadcast on Fridays 17 November (BBC Children in Need) and 1 December (Blue Peter).

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