Davina McCall spills all about Big Brother’s big return to screen

Davina McCall has shared all about the upcoming return of Big Brother.


This month you’ll be able to join Davina McCall and Rylan Clark-Neal as they revisit some of the most memorable Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother episodes of all time when E4 celebrates the show’s 20th anniversary.

Big Brother: Best Shows Ever launches on Sunday, 14th June at 9pm on E4.

Davina revealed of the upcoming specials: “I think a lot of them will be bits that everyone will remember that we can’t not include. Trying to think of favourite series is quite a difficult one to think about because there were so many that played a special part in my life.

“I mean some of my favourite moments are Mikey eating a Scotch Bonnet Chilli – I was in agony laughing. I had forgot that Alison Hammond and Adele Roberts were Big Brother housemates – and now they are mega famous. It’s so good to be back!”

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Looking back on Big Brother’s original series all the way back in 2000, Davina said: “At the beginning, it was very basic. I think it would be very interesting to show the first series again. To show how they did nothing.


“They sat around and only had chickens to look after and they just talked – there was hardly any tasks – and that’s what’s quite funny about it, how did anybody watch this? It was really funny. It was side-splitting, desperately funny. I have never laughed as much as I did when watching Big Brother.

“People just think it’s all alcohol, sex and rows but the challenges and the tasks that they did were so brilliantly done and thought out, so just remember that it is also a massive comedy.”

Asked about her favourite housemates of all time, Davina reflected: “That is a very difficult question. But I would possibly say because it meant so much to her, Nadia. I did love Brian and he’s a very close second, but it meant more to Nadia. It was more of a surprise.

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“Nadia went in there having never being accepted for who she was, Big Brother gave her an opportunity to be someone completely new, no past, no history and no judgment and people totally accepted her for who she was. I think that meant so much to her.

“It meant a lot to the trans community too, Britain opened their eyes, I learnt a lot. I learnt about what it is to be trans and how you feel. I learnt so much from Nadia and she had such an important story to tell. She was an amazing housemate. I also love fiery tempers!”

Davina went on to say she would “absolutely not” go in the house herself.

She explained: “I definitely think it is an extremely difficult place to be, you’re in a melting pot. In lockdown this is the best example of what it would feel like to be stuck in that house! You must become very good at conflict resolution as you’re all stuck together in a small space! I don’t think I’d be able to hack it!”


Finally, Davina shared a message with fans of the show.


The presenter enthused: “From my perspective, especially for the first 11 years, thank you for being the backbone of the show. It was a show that went in waves. There is a very hardcore group of people who have stuck with it through all the ups and downs, all the dramas, evictions and ejections.

“They stuck with it through thick and thin. Mostly importantly keeping the interest in it alive. So, thank you for sticking with us.”


Big Brother: Best Shows Ever launches on the 14th June at 9pm on E4.

Episodes will air nightly Sunday-Thursday for two weeks.