David Walliams ‘told off’ for this Britain’s Got Talent joke

David Walliams has revealed he was ‘told off’ for one of his Britain’s Got Talent jokes.


During this year’s More Talent, David jokingly claimed that Amanda Holden was Simon Cowell’s second in command ‘because they did it’.

His suggestion that Amanda and Simon had a romantic history didn’t go down well with Simon – or Amanda.

Simon snapped: “You’ve crossed the line,” before ordering David to “get out” of the studio.

And it turns out that once cameras stopped rolling, David got a telling off.

He explained: “I did get told off a little bit this year, because I sort of alluded to the fact that Amanda was Simon’s favourite because they’d had a relationship in the past.”

David told the Graham Norton on his Radio 2 show: “They hadn’t. They’d just had a date.


“I think they’d had a date or something, and he always talks about the fact that she thought it was a work date and he tried to woo her or something.

“And actually, afterwards, I did feel bad about it.”

It was far from the first time that David had found himself in trouble on BGT and he admitted: “You’ve got about half a second to decide whether this is going to be funny or not, and you haven’t got time to think about the consequences, which is why comedians always get into trouble.

“I felt a bit bad, because I felt like… I didn’t want to upset her. You don’t want to upset people, do you? You want to be a bit outrageous, but not at the cost of people’s feelings.”


Britain’s Got Talent’s latest series concluded in June.

Comedian Lost Voice Guy won the series, scooping a £250,000 cash prize and spot on the Royal Variety Performance.