David Walliams loses £1,000 bet to Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got More Talent

David Walliams made a big bet with Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got More Talent at the weekend.

And it left him £1,000 out of pocket.

In Saturday’s episode, Stephen returned for the brand new series and he was up to his old tricks again.

He cornered the judges with a brain teaser involving the number 17.

After getting the better of Simon, Mr Cowell wanted in on the action himself and made a crafty bet with an unwitting David Walliams.

The question is, will the loser make good on their £1,000 wager?

“They shook on it, £1,000 up for grabs! It’s on camera!” Stephen remarks.

David remarks to Simon: “I’ll give it to you because you need more money don’t you?”

Britain’s Got More Talent airs on ITV2 straight after the main show

As always, Stephen continues to get the very best access to the judges, getting the inside scoop for BGMT viewers who will find out what the judges really think of the contestants and most importantly, what the judges think of each other.

Stephen will be seen playing games such as Top Trumps-style ‘Weird Crushes’, ‘Top Rankers’, Mr and Mrs style quizzes, plus asking the judges their ‘most searched’ internet questions, with some surprising answers.

And of course he will also be putting Ant and Dec to the test again, such as battling it out in five rounds of In For A Penny.

Plus, Stephen revealed: “We had an arm wrestle competition. You just don’t realise the strength of David Walliams. He’s like a big friendly giant. We got all the judges to wrestle against each other and Ant and Dec.

“They are very competitive but nobody could beat David. He’s like a big strong bear. Then, he went to Dec and said, ‘Can I hold you up by your feet?’

“Dec was going, ‘Absolutely not, no!’, anyway, like a tiger in a pen I was holding a chair so he couldn’t run away, everyone bombarded Dec and David literally grabbed his feet and picked him up like a rag doll.”