David Potts spills all on Celebrity Big Brother and Louis Walsh

David wins Celebrity Big Brother

2024 Celebrity Big Brother winner David Potts made a guest appearance on this week’s Good Morning Britain to discuss life after the Big Brother house.


Admiring his micro shorts and soft legs, David told hosts Kate Garraway and Ed Balls his routine to soft shiny legs: “Shave, obviously we don’t want the hair. Exfoliate hard – like hard exfoliation. Moisturiser on for about an hour… let it really soak in and then after about an hour, put a nice little oil on it to give it a nice smooth dolphin’s beak feel.

“I’ve never touched a dolphin’s beak but that’s the vibe that I’m going for.”

On how life has been after the win, David said: “So amazing like I really didn’t think I was going to win. When it came to the final, I had it in my head that Nikita was going to win so when it was just us two, I was like right Nikita’s got this. So when they called my name out, I was just gobsmacked.”

Revealing how he felt when he was put up for the first nomination from Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh for ‘worst first impression’, he said: “To be honest, I would have been more surprised if I wasn’t put up for eviction first.

“When we knew it was based on the worst first impression, I do get that quite a lot because I get pre-judged quite a lot. People just hear the loud mouth and see the long legs and think ‘this is all too much’ but I backed myself enough as a person as I knew I was going to win them over.”

Opening up about his relationship with Louis Walsh in the house, he shared: “Louis was very panto villain. It was all tongue and cheek and very much wink wink nudge nudge. He would say stuff to you and then wink. It was like he was a producer – he was a producer, cast member and a viewer. If he thought something was funny, after he would go ‘you were good in that’.”

He added: “I thought he was lovely. Our beds were next to each other so I used to speak to him quite a lot when I first woke up and when I was going to bed and he was sound.”

Responding to Ed asking if he has kept in contact with him, David said: “No, I haven’t given him my number yet because I don’t want him mithering me. I just thought I would leave him for now. I just need a couple of weeks to re-group first.”


Discussing his new podcast and how he has “taken inspiration from Good Morning Britain”, he said: “It’s going to be like daytime television but it’s going to be a parody, light hearted fun version… I am going to have a segment called ‘Good Moaning Britain’ so people can ring up and have a good moan and instead of Dr Hilary we are going to do Dr David.”

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