Darren McGarvey to front new BBC Two series exploring Britain’s biggest public services

Darren McGarvey is to front a new TV series exploring Britain’s biggest public services.

Provisionally titled Mind The Gap, the three-part series looks at how, in 2023, health, justice and education all face major challenges, affecting millions of us every day.

Darren explores whether there is an increasing gap between the haves and have-nots, the rich and poor, the public and private and what might be fuelling that.

In each documentary, renowned author, rapper, and social commentator, Darren embarks on a journey spanning the landscapes of Britain, along with visits to Norway and Finland. His mission: to unravel the complex challenges facing once-proud pillars of our society, such as healthcare, justice, and education. With each step of his exploration, he delves deep into the heart of what he perceives as a growing chasm between individuals inhabiting vastly different ends of the spectrum.

Darren immerses himself in the lives of those who occupy these distinct realms, seeking first-hand insights into the pressing issues, conflicts, and obstacles that drive this wedge between them. Moreover, he strives to identify the trailblazers within these domains – individuals determined to forge a new path and ultimately, help bridge the gaps.

It will be the first TV network series for Darren who has in recent years made a number of acclaimed and award-winning series with BBC Scotland and production company Tern TV.

Darren McGarvey said: “With my previous series being based solely in Scotland, I’m really excited at taking on a UK-wide view of social inequality. While there are notable differences between the four nations in education, health, and justice, I believe the trends we see across the UK are similar enough to warrant a comprehensive deep-dive.

“In Mind the Gap we’ve gained privileged access to those working on the front line in some of the most challenging but also hugely rewarding areas of modern life. Schools where the traditional rule book is being ripped up. Prisons where offenders seem to have a real chance of rehabilitation. Hospitals almost at breaking point but where patient care is second to none. Above all it’s about amazing people who are pioneering in the gaps between those that have and have not.”

Mind The Gap is slated to air on BBC Two and iPlayer in early 2024.

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