Danny Dyer to give this year’s Channel 4 Alternative Christmas Message


Danny Dyer will give this year’s Channel 4 Alternative Christmas Message, it’s been announced.

In a first look, actor Danny is seen sipping tea out of a Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Royal Wedding mug.

Danny reflects on a “pretty full on” year. He goes on to give his view candidly about the lack of leadership in this country.

“That shambles down in Westminster, what a palava that is. I mean where are our leaders? Where are they? There’s been more backstabbing than we have in Albert Square.” he rants

Donald Trump doesn’t get off lightly where Danny is concerned either – he gets both barrels for both not turning up to the Armistice memorial as it was raining and for cancelling his trip to Britain.

Danny says: “It ain’t any better for the Yanks though is it, you know, what an absolute melt they’ve got there. He don’t want to turn up to memorials because it’s raining. He don’t fancy a little trip to Britain because there’s people here that just don’t like him. Leave off.”

On a more positive note, Danny raises a glass to both to the heroes of 1918 to mark both 100 years since the Armistice of World War I and the victory in the fight for the women’s vote.

Danny also calls for more heroes and role models, citing his mum, Nan – and in later years, Harold Pinter, as his.

“That’s what I think we need more of, heroes, role models. If we need anything for 2019, it’s for each of us to find who we look up to. Could be your mum, could be your dad, your stepdad, your Nan, teacher, social worker. Maybe even a handsome roguish actor off your favourite soap.”

He concludes: “Life can get a little stressful and we might get on each other’s nerves a bit, but remember how much there is to be proud of, to be grateful of, and get yourself a Harold, you know, if you can …. Merry Christmas, my loves.”

The Alternative Christmas Message will air in full on Christmas Day at 3.50pm on Channel 4.

Tom Beck, Head of Live Events and Commissioning Editor for Entertainment at Channel 4 said: “We’re thrilled to have Danny Dyer delivering this year’s Alternative Christmas Message. From his colourful opinions on Brexit to his hilarious and moving appearance with daughter Dani on Celebrity Gogglebox, when Danny speaks, people listen.

“His message is full of wit, heart and just the right amount of Dyer attitude. Merry Christmas loves!”

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