Danny Dyer reckons daughter Dani Dyer has ‘spun Love Island on its head’

EastEnders star "struggled" to watch ITV2 show - but now thinks Jack Fincham's "a good kid"

Danny Dyer has predicted his daughter will WIN Love Island 2018 and described her partner Jack Fincham as a “good kid”.


Dani has become one of the most popular contestants on the ITV2 reality show after coupling up with Jack.

The pair have stuck together since the series began four weeks ago, becoming something of a ‘power couple’ in the villa.

But another reason she’s been causing a stir is that she’s the daughter of actor Danny Dyer, a.k.a. EastEnders’ Mick Carter.

Viewers have been wondering what he makes of it all, and last night he spilled the beans on Good Evening Britain, a one-off nighttime special of ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

In his first TV interview about Love Island, Danny praised Dani for proving she’s a “decent girl”.


“I did struggle at first, it was difficult,” he said. “But as it’s gone on, I think she’s proved with this reality TV thing, that actually you can be a decent girl, self-respect, dignity, not rolling around the bedsheets, and still be loved by young people.

“I think they have to tick certain boxes on this show, and she’s completely spun it on its head.

“It is what it is, it’s a game show. Fifty grand’s at stake, it’s a lot of dough, and Dani’s gonna win it!”

As for Jack, Danny joked that he’d “have to strangle him or something” if the pen salesman messes up.

“He seems like a good kid,” he said. “I cannot moan as a father, Dani hasn’t put a foot wrong. Me and my wife, we’re just watching it unfold, and it ain’t that bad.

“I have to trust her choices, and she’s made a few mistakes, but you’ve got to learn from that I think.”

Danny added that, despite his ‘hard man’ persona, he isn’t pushy with Dani’s boyfriends.


“I’m not too harsh on them,” he insisted. “If they upset her, then I’m gonna have the hump, of course I am, like any father.”

Dani and Jack’s romance is currently in turmoil after they were split up as part of the Casa Amor twist.

Bosses sprung a further surprise on Jack by adding his ex-girlfriend Ellie Jones as a new islander.


However, he’s remained loyal to Dani so far – even sleeping outside so he doesn’t have to share a bed with the new girls.

Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2, while Good Morning Britain airs weekday mornings on ITV.