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Danny Dyer and Angela Rippon spill all on The Wall’s second series

Danny Dyer and Angela Rippon have revealed all on series 2 of The Wall.


Hosted by EastEnders star Danny Dyer, The Wall is the ultimate combination of strategy, knowledge and luck and will see the questions voiced by TV legend, Angela Rippon.

In this game, pairs need the right answers, the right bounces and cast-iron trust in each other to win a life-changing cash prize.

Speaking about the second series, Danny shared: “It’s incredible we’ve moved our set from Poland to Wembley Arena. I feel very, very grateful to be a host of such a unique game. There’s been so much uncertainty and like many, many industries I’m part of an industry that’s being crushed by [the pandemic], so I’m very grateful to be back.”

Explaining some of the changes during filming, Danny continued: “I’m getting used to the social distancing thing now, but I don’t like it. I think that The Wall is ideal for it because it’s all about The Wall. It’s such a good game and there is so much at stake. There are so many different layers to it which make it a good formula.

“The game brings tension, jeopardy and all the things you need. I think we’re getting used to it, and this is the way our businesses are having to be run now. It works and I think everyone who was working on it was very, very grateful to be there. Nothing’s really changed but everyone not on camera wears masks, it’s a very well-run show.”

He added: “What we’ve learnt is that lockdown has definitely done something to the contestants. They’re making some very, very strange decisions but it’s great because it makes for a very, very exciting show.


“You’ll see when they start airing the shows, the level of want because of the uncertainty and the fact people have been laid off, the redundancies, so this is an opportunity to have some fun but also generate some money for their families. It makes for great telly.”

Meanwhile co-star Angela Rippon enthused: “It’s fantastic because we only had six programmes last year, but after just those six programmes I was meeting people in the street saying ‘I love that new programme, there’s so much tension’. They really got involved and loved it. Not just for the general knowledge content but for the tension it created.

“I’m absolutely thrilled it’s caught the public’s imagination and they love it. It’s lovely to be doing something that is so successful and people enjoy.”

Discussing what to expect from the new episodes, Angela went on: “I think what I love about it, particularly in this new series, is the dynamic between the contestants and Danny and the human stories that are coming out. Some of the stories we are hearing are absolutely amazing. So get your tissues ready because some of the stories are so emotional.

“That’s another layer to the programme, it’s not just ‘do you know the answer to these questions?’ It’s people at home trying to work out the answers and wanting The Wall to be kind and watch how the money builds or is taken away. All your money can be gone just like that.


“So there’s all that jeopardy and in addition but it’s the raw human emotions that I think really, really get to people.”

The Wall returns to BBC One on Saturday October 3 at 9:15PM