I Kissed a Boy start date for new gay dating show with Dannii Minogue on BBC Three

Dannii Minogue is to host a new gay dating series on BBC Three.


Titled I Kissed a Boy, the “reality event” follows ten single men as they head to Europe to find their Mr Right, and it all starts with a kiss.

The BBC share: “Before they arrive, the guys will be paired up with their strongest match and as soon as they meet, they kiss.

Dannii Minogue.
Dannii Minogue. Credit: BBC/Two Four/James Stack

“No small-talk, no ‘flanter’, just one rom-com worthy moment that might just take their breath away.

“But, in this show where preconceptions will be challenged and dramatic decisions made, everyone is a possible love interest.

“Over the course of the series we’ll find out whose spark will ignite, whose eyes might wander, and who will end up together in the ultimate summer of love.”

I Kissed A Boy starts on Sunday, 14 May at 9PM on BBC Three and will be available to watch online from 6AM on Sunday, 13 May

Dannii Minogue said: “There are millions of people in the UK looking for love. And I believe love is for everyone. So I am so thrilled for a gay dating show to be entering the sea of other dating shows that have existed on TV for years. I have been a staunch ally of the LGBTQ+ community for as long as I can remember.

“My close friends know that my dream job title would be ‘Cupid’ – so this gives me that flutter-of-love feeling inside too, just to be a part of it. Let’s hope there is love, sealed with a kiss!”


David Brindley, Chief Creative Officer at producers Twofour, added: “We’re thrilled to be bringing this exciting reality event to BBC Three and iPlayer, and to shine a bright light on gay dating. This series will revel in telling stories we don’t always hear of, witness heart-warming new relationships blossom and celebrate inclusivity from start to finish.”

Fiona Campbell, Controller, BBC Three, commented: “I Kissed a Boy is a brilliant new show in the dating space that we think has huge potential for BBC Three. We hope our audience will love the heady mix of drama and heart-warming romance that we know the series will bring.”

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