Dancing On Ice 2019: Gemma Collins slams claims her fall was ‘fake’

Gemma Collins has hit back at claims that her Dancing On Ice fall was ‘staged’.


In Sunday’s latest show, Gemma took to the ice for a third time, skating to It’s All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion.

While the routine looked to be going well, Gemma suffered a stumble right at the end and fell flat onto the ice.

However some viewers took to Twitter to accuse Gema is ‘faking’ her trip.

Hitting back at the suggestion, Gemma told The Sun newspaper: “It definitely wasn’t faked, one million per cent. If they knew the pain I am in with my knee, they would understand.

“I didn’t fall, I passed out. I was just going and then, next thing, on the ground. What is scary is my teeth could have been smashed out.”

Her boyfriend James ‘Arg’ Argent added: “Anyone who thinks Gemma faked the fall and risked life-threatening injuries is an idiot. She had a feeling that something was going to go wrong on the night… and she was right!”


Arg praised Gemma for getting back up and continuing on with her routine after the mishap.

“When I saw her fall like that face-first, I honestly thought she might be unconscious or lost some teeth,” he said. “The way she got up & carried on was AMAZING!!! You worked so hard this week & improved so much!”

Despite the trip, Gemma managed to score her best marks from the judges for the routine.

However Arg revealed on Monday that she had been struggling to walk since the show.

He said: “She’s struggling to walk so I had to carry her to the car earlier, and she’s been using [her mother] Joan’s wheelchair on and off all day because she’s in so much pain.


“She’s seeing a private doctor tomorrow who will determine what will happen next. It will be her worst nightmare if she’s forced to pull out of the show, she doesn’t want to be a sick note, she wants to continue and we strongly believe she’s a real contender to win.”

Dancing On Ice 2019 continues live this Sunday night on ITV from 6PM.