Meet the contestants on Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win tonight (Episode 5)

Terri and Jess on Limitless Win

Terri and Jess, mortgage advisors from Carlisle, and Paul and Ellie, a design director and sales manager from Chelmsford, bring their unique strategies and dreams to the fifth episode of Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win tonight.

Ahead of the episode, let’s introduce the contestants who are poised to tackle the game’s unique challenges in the hope of winning big.

Terri and Jess

Terri, 33, and Jess, 23, bring a sharp numerical acumen to the competition, drawn from their careers as mortgage advisors. Jess views the show as an ideal match for their skill set, saying, “There is no better competition for two mortgage advisors than a game show with numbers.”

Terri shares her confidence in the accessibility of the game’s questions, remarking, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire would just never be us.”

Their strategy revolves around their complementary working dynamic, with Jess’s spontaneity perfectly balanced by Terri’s logical thinking.

“I am the spontaneous, come out with an answer, straight in there all guns blazing and Terri has the rational, the thinking, the logic behind my decisions,” Jess explains. For Terri, the difference in their ages is a strategic advantage, enhancing their team’s dynamics.

Regarding their potential winnings, Terri dreams of “an absolutely amazing holiday” with her kids, while Jess is eyeing a house deposit, looking forward to securing a home for herself and her boyfriend.

Paul and Ellie

Paul and Ellie on Limitless Win

Paul and Ellie, both 30, a design director and a sales manager respectively, share a deep affection for the show that motivated them to apply. Ellie’s enthusiasm is clear: “We love the show and think we could be really good at it! So we thought why not, let’s apply and see where it gets us.”

Their game plan involves leveraging their relationship dynamics, with Ellie focused on ensuring they make well-considered decisions and Paul ready to act decisively. Ellie describes their approach: “Paul will be pushing and I will be discussing and making sure we’re confident and making sure we’re making the right decision before he impulsively hits down the button.”

The couple has grand plans for their winnings, aiming to invest in a new, larger home to prepare for family expansion and to fulfill a dream of traveling to Thailand. Ellie recalls, “I’ve never been but Ellie went travelling after her second year of university there,” highlighting the personal significance of such a trip.

As these pairs step onto the Limitless Win stage, their unique strategies, dreams, and motivations promise an episode filled with tension, excitement, and potentially life-changing moments.

Catch Terri and Jess, and Paul and Ellie as they navigate the challenges of Ant & Dec’s Limitless Win, airing this Saturday, 3 February, at 8PM on ITV1 and ITVX. Will their strategies pay off? Tune in to find out.