Chris Moyles gets just ONE star in latest I’m A Celebrity trial

Chris Moyles managed to win just the one star in tonight’s latest I’m A Celebrity trial.


Voted for by the public, Chris took on the latest trial called Boiling Point.

Chris admitted beforehand: “As much as all the campmates go, ‘Just try your best it will be fine, don’t worry about it’, underneath it, they’re going, ‘Come back with at least more than yesterday!'”

He added: “Three stars yesterday… I would love to come back with 11, but I don’t know what it is, so I don’t know how brave I’m going to be. I’ll try my best.”

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Ant explained the Trial rules: “This is Boiling Point. You’ve got to enter the boiler room and retrieve four spanners. You’re going to use those spanners to release 11 stars that are within the boiler room and the underground pipe network. Only stars in the star bag at the end of time will count.”

He added: “This is a Bushtucker Trial, so the chances are you’re not going to be alone down there.”


Chris said: “When you say down there…. I should have done panto. Why is it enclosed spaces guys?”

Having retrieved the spanners and making his way into a watery section of the pipe, Chris said to himself: “Don’t panic… I’m really sorry, I’m really sorry. God I’m panicking I won’t be able to breathe on the other side.”

As he continued to try to go underwater to unscrew stars, he found he couldn’t keep himself under the water long enough.

Chris said: “Good god this is embarrassing.”

Having collected two stars, Chris put the spanners in his star bag to move to another section. However, Chris revealed: “This is going to be the worst trial you’ve ever had… I’ve lost my spanners!”

When the klaxon sounded and Chris returned to Ant and Dec, Ant asked: “Chris, what happened?”

Chris said: “I’m going to be honest with you, it all went t**s up. Couldn’t even get through the membrane, this is pathetic.”


Counting out one star, Chris said: “I can’t go back to camp.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! SR22 on ITV. Pictured: Chris Moyles.
I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! SR22 on ITV. Pictured: Chris Moyles. ©ITV Plc

Chris added: “They’ll all say really nice things and every single one of them will be lying… I think I’m going to go back and tell them I got none.”

Dec laughed: “And then one is a nice surprise? That’s really clutching at straws.”

Returning to camp Chris told them: “It’s really not good news and I’m really sorry. This is so awkward. I didn’t and I’m not joking, I got one star. To make it worse I got two and it fell out of my bag.”


As a result of Chris’ one star, the group got bony fish for dinner while vegetarian Boy George got a solitary mushroom.

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