Cheryl ‘set to replace Nicole Scherzinger on X Factor next year’

Cheryl is set to replace Nicole Scherzinger on The X Factor panel next year, it’s been reported.


The former judge could be back for what would be her third stint behind the judges’ desk in 2017.

Cheryl first joined the show in 2008 before leaving in 2011 for the American version. The new mum then returned in 2014 before departing again last year.

A source told The Sun newspaper this weekend that Cheryl is already in talks to sign a £1.5 million deal.

“It looks like Cheryl will be back next year. Simon knows Nicole is likely to leave and he wants a big name, and some much-needed glamour on the panel,” the insider explained. “He knows he will get that with Cheryl and she would be a really popular signing and a huge hit.”

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The source added: “They have had several meetings about it and Simon has had his top people on the case to make sure it is all sorted.”


Speaking at her guest appearance judges’ houses earlier ithis year, Cheryl and Simon both suggested a third stint could be on the cards – but only after enjoying an extended maternity leave.

Cheryl explained: “I want to be with Bear a little bit longer. It has just been me and him and I’m just loving being a mother at the moment. He is only six months old.

“I’ve got time – I’ve got that luxury lifestyle and some mothers don’t have that luxury and have to get back to work. I’m just taking it as I can but I do love the show.”

In an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper, Simon added: “We’ll consider it.

“Let’s wait till the end of the show… maybe they (Nicole and Sharon) don’t want come back… let’s see what happens, I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

Meanwhile Nicole has revealed she may be leave the series to pursue her music career.

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“I haven’t signed yet, I’m just trying to get through this year. If I didn’t come back, it’s because I’m a singer first,” Nicole said earlier this year. “I’m sitting there telling people what they should be doing when I should be doing it.


“I still have a lot of things I want to achieve, musically.”

For now, The X Factor 2017 live shows continue Saturday at 8:20PM and Sunday at 7:05PM on ITV.