Cher meets Rylan for new BBC music special

Cher will meet Rylan for a brand new BBC special this weekend.


BBC Two and BBC Music are set to deliver a unique Christmas gift to viewers with the exclusive Cher Meets Rylan. This 60-minute special features a conversation between the legendary singer and actress Cher and popular presenter Rylan.

Filmed in London, the show will air on Saturday, 9 December at 9PM. In this special, Rylan, known for his Saturday afternoon show on BBC Radio 2, will engage Cher in an in-depth discussion about her illustrious life and musical career.

Complementing this exclusive interview, BBC Two is dedicating an entire evening to celebrate the iconic pop figure, with Cher Meets Rylan as the highlight.

Cher, a multifaceted artist, boasts a career spanning over six decades, with achievements including Grammy Awards, an Academy Award for Best Actress, and numerous critically acclaimed Broadway performances. Her hits have consistently topped charts from the 1960s through the 2010s.

Cher Meets Rylan

Following its broadcast on BBC Two, the program will be available on BBC iPlayer.

Rylan said: “I’m rarely speechless but being asked to interview actual Cher did the trick. What an honour to sit down and chat to the Goddess of Pop. I can’t wait to meet her.”


Jonathan Rothery, Head of Pop Music TV, BBC, added: “Cher is a trailblazing legend who has been wowing music lovers for decades, so I’m thrilled to give viewers an unmissable night of pop on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer in December.”

This special is the latest in a series of similar BBC programs featuring iconic figures in conversation, including Idris Elba Meets Paul McCartney, Elton John: Uncensored, Michael Bublé at the BBC, Sam Smith at the BBC, and Adele at the BBC.

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