Charlotte Crosby reveals unusual guilty pleasure as she quarantines after Ibiza trip

Charlotte Crosby has revealed her very unusual guilty pleasure in an interview from quarantine.

Fresh from a summer trip to Ibiza, the reality star has been isolating for the two weeks.

During a (virtual) appearance on Wakey!, the app-based breakfast TV show, Charlotte said: “I have been to Ibiza, today is my last day in quarantine [Wednesday last week when it was recorded]. It hasn’t been that bad.

“You know when you come back from Ibiza you need a week to recover, I had a week of recovering, the second week I have my own businesses so it was fine, I just got on with them.”

Charlotte then took part in a quick fire chat with host, Love Island’s Chris Taylor.

During the interview, which you can watch in the video above, Charlotte reveals everything from her feelings on ghosts to the worst way she’s ever dumped somebody.

Charlotte also shares with Chris her guilty pleasure of smelling the pages of books and says that the quickest way to her heart is with some flowers.

Charlotte was also quizzed on one of the hottest topics: Pineapple on pizza (she approves!)

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