Charlotte Crosby’s The Charlotte Show back – start date confirmed

The Charlotte Show air date on MTV 2019 season 2

Charlotte Crosby is getting a second series of her own reality show.


The Charlotte Show made its debut on Wednesday nights on MTV last year.

The series followed Charlotte, who rose to fame on Geordie Shore, in her day to day to life.

As well as featuring Charlotte, the show also saw appearances from mum Letitia and her dad Gary, as well as her fellow reality stars including Josh Ritchie.

They were joined by Charlotte’s pet dogs Baby, Rhubarb and Banana.

Now a second series has been confirmed with The Charlotte Show returning to TV on Wednesday, January 30 at 9PM on MTV.

“Producers were surprised following the success of the first series and were keen to snap Charlotte up for a second,” a source told The Sun newspaper previously. “There were fears the show wouldn’t have the same appeal after Charlotte’s split from Stephen Bear but viewers were even more interested to see her romance with Josh.


“The second season will focus on Charlotte’s public and private life and her relationship, which includes seeing Josh move in with her and the pair talking about having a family together.”

Speaking about the first series in 2018, Charlotte told fans her show would never be ‘edited’ to hide certain parts of her life.

“On Snapchat and Instagram you see the best version of myself,” she admitted this week.

Speaking to star magazine, Charlotte explained: “You don’t see the raw moments where I’m on my hands and knees crying because I’ve done something wrong or I regret something.”

“So this is a window to my life. But of course there’s some partying too,” she added.

However there will be one thing viewers won’t see.

She told The Sun: “I made the decision myself – I told them in the first initial meeting. No sexy, sexy, sexy parts to be shown.


“You see me do some kissing but there will be absolutely no bedroom action. Everything else on the show will be laid bare though.”

The Charlotte Show airs on MTV.

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