Channel 5 has ‘no plans’ to bring Big Brother back

Channel 5 have said there are no plans to bring Big Brother back to TV.


2019 is set to be the first year since 2000 that Big Brother has not been on British telly.

Originally airing on Channel 4, in 2011 the reality show switched to Channel 5 who decided not to renew the series last autumn.

Appearing at the Edinburgh International Television Festival, Channel 5 boss Ben Frow described pulling Big Brother as a “liberation”.

He said: “It had had its day. It was an expensive programme but the time had come to rest it,” adding: “Nothing is ever dead forever but there are no plans to bring it back in the short term.”

Recently, Rylan Clark-Neal has revealed hopes that Big Brother could return in 2020 to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Despite the axe by Channel 5, Rylan – who won Celebrity Big Brother and hosted its Bit On The Side spin-off – is hoping for a revival.


And he thinks a streaming service like Netflix would be the best place for it.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Rylan said: “People like watching TV when they want to watch TV, and you could certainly do Big Brother like that.

“Every day new episode could drop with the 24 hour highlights of the day before, then every Friday at 9pm you could log into your account and watch the eviction live.

“The technology is there with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.”

Without Big Brother off screen, Rylan has since landed a new hosting job presenting Strictly Come Dancing’s spin-off It Takes Two alongside Zoe Ball.

Meanwhile, Big Brother host Emma Willis has told how she went on a “robbing spree” of the Big Brother house before it was demolished.


She confessed to OK! Magazine: “I went on a right robbing spree! The golden cockerel, which is now outside my front door. The badger behind the sofa in the living room is also in my house.”

Emma added: “There were lots of animals around the Big Brother house – we’ve got a couple of little squirrels in our kitchen and the gold three wise monkeys as well.”