Channel 4 ‘working on Naked Attraction Hotel spin-off’

Channel 4 is reportedly working on a spin-off to its hit dating show Naked Attraction.


The unique dating series that bares all in the quest for true love has been on air for five years now.

The daring dating show, hosted by fully clothed TV presenter Anna Richardson, sees the picker again whittle down a group of six potential suitors, who are revealed completely naked one body part at a time, based on what they find least attractive.

Now a spin-off series is said to be in the works based on another of Channel 4’s shows, First Dates Hotel.

The Sun reports that Naked Attraction Hotel would see the singletons taking spend more time together after the initially choosing who to date.

A source explained: “The observation producers made was that contestants on the show often ended up wishing they had gone with one of the other choices. But in most cases it was too late to get together with them because they had left the process.

“So the idea behind having a hotel is that, after the selection process, all the participants remain in one location and can have dates with multiple people.”

They added: “It’s easy to forget with Naked Attraction that the show isn’t just about the section where people’s naked bodies are revealed, it’s also about their actual dating experience once they have put their clothes back on.”


Since first airing in 2016, Naked Attraction has seen no shortage of people prepared to love by baring all, and opened up the conversation about gender, sexuality and body confidence, as well as revealing the truth about what people really find attractive in a naked body.

Naked Attraction airs on Channel 4. You can catch up on past episodes online at All 4.

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