Change Your Tune contestants and spoilers from new singing series


Here’s your first look at Change Your Tune’s contestants and spoilers from tonight’s show.

Change Your Tune is a new musical game show featuring some of the country’s WORST singers who are all hoping to ‘change their tune’ and win an amazing cash prize.

In each episode, hosted by Baz Ashmawy (50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy), five truly terrible singers perform a classic song for a live studio audience.

After each ear-splitting performance a curtain will fall and the singer will undergo weeks of training to try and improve their voice.

Their transformation is revealed to the audience in an instant as the curtain rises again and they sing to try and win the show.

The most improved contestant in each episode will bag a £10,000 cash prize.

In today’s sixth and final episode, Belinda from London wants to win the prize money so she can finally move out of her mum’s house – but hits all the wrong notes on her first performance of Love On Top.

Primary school teacher Andi has been learning the guitar for 12 years and is still a beginner. Will she be able to change her terrible singing voice in a much shorter space of time?

Dad of two Terry is hoping to learn to sing so he can perform at his best friend’s wedding.

Fourth contestant Chris is hoping the musical genes that run in his family are somewhere in him – he just needs to find them.

The final contestant is Mike, a self-confessed soft rock fan who sings tunelessly around his University campus, performing Africa.

Can any of them change their tune?

Change Your Tune airs at 3PM on ITV.