Change Your Tune branded ‘worst TV show ever’ by viewers

Change Your Tune made its debut on ITV last month but its fair to say viewers weren’t too impressed.

The new new musical game show features some of the country’s WORST singers who are all hoping to ‘change their tune’ and win an amazing cash prize.

In each episode, hosted by Baz Ashmawy, five truly terrible singers perform a classic song for a live studio audience.

After each ear-splitting performance a curtain falls before the singer undergoes weeks of training to try and improve their voice.

Their transformation is revealed on the show in an instant as the curtain rises again and they sing to try and win the show.

The most improved contestant in each episode will bag a £10,000 cash prize, with the studio audience voting for the most improved singer.

Those watching the opening episode weren’t holding back with their criticism – and not just because of the duff notes.

“Change your tune? More like change your channel… #ChangeYourTune” one viewer quipped.

Another reacted: “WHAT is this programme #changeyourtune ?????? It’s probably the worst thing Iv ever seen”

“#changeyourtune What has happened to TV” posted a third.

And a fourth added: “HOW can this be an enjoyable TV show??? Who let this get to air #ChangeYourTune”

“It’s depressing to think that someone actually got PAID to think of and execute this idea into an actual TV show. #ChangeYourTune,” another viewer commented.

One more concluded simply: “This might be the worst show ever commissioned by @ITV wow. #ChangeYourTune”

However some people were looking at the positives.

“There’s hope for Cheryl tweedy yet! #changeyourtune” one viewer joked on Twitter.

Change Your Tune airs at 3PM on ITV on Sundays.

This first series has six episodes.