Chainsaw juggler leaves Britain’s Got Talent 2018 judges in awe

Janne Mustonen shocked the Britain’s Got Talent judges with his dangerous act this weekend.


Away from the main show, on Britain’s Got More Talent we met Finnish performer Janne Mustonen.

He appeared on the stage promising danger and delivered with a chainsaw juggling act.

However there was a bit of a false start when he struggled to start the tools.

Eventually things got going and the delay was worth it.

You can watch Janne Mustonen’s audition above.


But, if you happen to have a trio of chainsaws handy, don’t try it at home.

With four yeses, Janne Mustonen made it through to the next round.

Other acts that impressed this weekend included magician Maddox Dixon, who performed magic tricks with a Rubik’s Cube.

Cartoon Heroes got through after a superhero themed dance while 15-year-old school girl Ella Yard made the next round after singing Joss Stone’s version of ‘God Only Knows’ .

Also getting yeses were Russian musician Olena UUTAi and three-piece singing group Miss Tres from the Philippines .

Ronan Busfield made it after stunning with ‘Maria’ from West Side Story while Lifford Shillingford went one further, grabbing Alesha Dixon’s golden buzzer after singing ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by Sam Cooke.

Britain’s Got More Talent airs Saturday nights on ITV2.


It follows the main series of Britain’s Got Talent 2018 on ITV.

As always, Stephen will be getting to know a whole new host of hilarious unseen contestants in his own unique way and as ever, it’s these acts that make Britain’s Got More Talent such compelling viewing.