Celebs Go Dating’s Muggy Mike Thalassitis is given a very unusual punishment…

Muggy Mike Thalassitis gets a questionable punishment on Celebs Go Dating tonight.


This evening, the agents meet Mike for crisis talks after he walked out of their last mixer.

Nadia Essex tells him: “Hand on my heart I genuinely think you’re putting 20 per cent effort maximum in.”

Still single Mike replies: “Obviously I’m sorry for walking out. I’m making the effort to go on these dates, and then when I’m there, then if I find out quickly I’m not into it, then obviously that’s when I’m putting 20 per cent in.”

Nadia continues: “My problem is that all I’m asking is that you put effort in and stop alienating people so that when you go on a date with someone you do fancy, you are the best possible dater.

“I want something more than 20 per cent. We’re running out of time.”

With that in mind, Eden Blackman reveals their plan to get back at Mike.

“We need to move you from Muggy Mike to Magic Mike. So We have a plan. A radical plan,” he says.

Eden tells cameras: “We’ve made absolutely no progress with Mike. So we’ve decided to do something we’ve never done before.”

Nadia and Eden then reveal: “Muggy Mike, you are having your very own mixer.

“We have done our job and we have delivered gorgeous, gorgeous girls we think are tens.”


So, to recap, Mike’s punishment will be to spend the evening with a load of beautiful women.

“So… @MikeThalassitis in a room full of ladies all to himself?! What could possibly go wrong?? ??” tweeted the official Celebs Go Dating Twitter.

Tune in to Celebs Go Dating at 9PM tonight for more.


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